October 23, 2008

The fabled Kutu, Warrior Priestess of Worlds Edge Mountain… sporting the rather unfortunate Collectors Edition “Skull Mask” . . . very unfortunate mask but hey it looks sorta cool, in a rather non litteral sense!

Having fun with Warrior Priest now, finally hit 20, and although I am prowling tier 2 and nearly all other classes have caught up with the balancing (WP is ridiculously over powered in 1-18ish) I now have an aoe heal, how I lived without it I will never know!

Now I am finding myself wondering what to do, I want to grind every PQ as the rewards are becoming greatly useful, before hand I could pick and chose them at random. Now it seems I want them all. But do I ignore the quests on the way? Do both? Im not sure, I dont want to go out of my way to miss content. Knowing me, I will end up doing them all…


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