Hmm “What is an update?”

November 10, 2008

An update is what I seem incapable of doing. . . ah well 😀

So what has been happening in the wonderful world of Kutu?  Not a great deal, real life commitments have distracted me from my ambition to level my Warrior Priest…  Things such as,

  • Graduating university, finally I have my degree! Yar!
  • Introducing the girlfriend to the parents, scary!
  • Work, that damn thing, though it does pay the bills, still its a pain in the ass being up at 6.30am to start at 7.30 blah!
  • Looking for a “real job“, one where I get paid a damn sight more than I do now, and get to move away from home!
  • Cinema’s, I seem to spend a damn load of time watching films, New Bond is a bit gaff…  Burn After Reading is pretty good once I figured out what was happening…  and a bundle of gaff in between,

Anyway, so what has been happening in game?

My warrior priest is now 26, finally! It is getting closer and closer to 40 slowly and slowly.  Unfortunately i am finding it a drag and a grind fest. The PQ rewards are still decent, and my aim is to get both dwarf and empire rewards for each chapter( I ingore Elf, I hate the Elf area’s with a passion, however if a nice shiny is to be found then I will go!).  Alas T3 seems to be quiet, I always find myself grinding the inf on stage 1 and 2 PQ’s having to ingnore the 3rd stage and possible lewts 😦

My RR is 17, wow im lagging behind. A few days of keep sieges will get that up nicely, as with T3 PQ’s T3 Scenarios are popping less and less now…hopefully this will improve again soon as I quite fancy getting up to RR24 soon for the RvR gear set. If not I wont be too annoyed, but this is my aim along with hitting 30 and moving up to T4 soon enough.

My WP has gone through several respecs of late, now I am aiming for a dps spec while soloing, in 3 levels I will have enough Mastery points to spec salvation and gain Pious Restoration, as well as Greave of Sigmar, untill then hitting things harder with my hammer wins for me.  Currently I am specced Wounds, STR and Willpower with most focus on wounds. I have found in RvR that although I can do dps, I cant hit much without getting ganked. As such my WP now has 4600+ hp, not too shabby when I consider my 23 Chosen has a couple of hundred less.  Does it help much? not sure, maybe let me get another hit in before I die 🙂

Currently sat waiting on a GM to whine too… The empire chapter 13 helmet reward shows up on my character as gloves 😦 Full of fail…

Kutu with doomcaller helmet

Kutu with doomcaller helmet

Pics of that when the net reconnects.

Kutu with Swampstompers helmet that shows as gloves grrr!

Kutu with Swampstompers helmet that shows as gloves grrr!

Got a shiny purple belt from a Keep raid, the stats are shite, utter shite, but its purple and shiny so i insist on wearing it!

Now I eat dinners 🙂 Mhmm pizza!  more post later on!


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