Character Transfers are Live

November 24, 2008

As we explained previously, we have been testing a character transfer system to allow characters to be moved from low population servers to ones with a medium population level. We are delighted to announce that this service is now live.

At this time players on English servers have the following options – note that this list has changed a little since it was first announced in order to give players on RP servers more options.

Core Roleplay Servers:
Players on Makaisson can transfer to Burlok or to Alarielle (Open RvR RP server)

Open RvR Roleplay Servers:
Players on Ellyrion can transfer to Alarielle or to Burlok (Core RP server)

Core Servers:
Players on the following servers can choose to transfer to either Karak Izor or Karak Norn:
Karak Ungor
Tor Anroc
Worlds Edge Mountains

Open RvR Servers:
Players on the following servers can choose to transfer to Dragonback Mountains:
Clar Karond
Mount Silverspear
Sea of Dreams
Finuval Plain

Before you start

Read this entire guide
Make sure you have no outstanding auctions on the Auction House (they will not be transferred)
Make sure you do not have items in your mail (mail in your mailbox will not be transferred)
Log out of the game
Clear your browser cache
Make sure you have moved or deleted characters from the opposing faction on a server that you want to move to

How does this work?
If you wish to take advantage of this service then you will need to log into your profile on the website. You will see an option for character transfer in your account management page. Click on this and you will get a list of all eligible characters and their server. Click the correct character and your choice of destination server and your character will be moved immediately. Your character will be in his or her new home within a few minutes. If you are already logged into the game with that character then you will need to log out for the change to take effect. If your character’s name is already taken on the new server, you will be prompted to enter a new name during the transfer process. When your character has successfully arrived on its destination server you will receive an email to confirm the transfer.

If you wish to transfer your guild as well then the process is a little more involved. The guild leader is the person who is responsible for making the move. Before you start, you should ensure that your guild vault is empty and that any cash in the guild bank has been withdrawn. The character who is the guild leader should use the command /transferguild ingame before making his own character transfer via the website. You will get a popup to confirm the command. Once you have confirmed the command, your guild will be disbanded, all members will be booted and the guild will cease to exist on your original server.

Once the guild leader has arrived on the destination server then he must start a new guild in the normal way with a full group of players (note: the original guild leader must be the leader of this group). When the new guild is formed it will have the same rank and Renown as the original guild on the old server and all the unlocks that have been earned to that point. You will also be able to choose your heraldry and your guildname again.

Please make sure that before you transfer either a character or a guild that you are positive you mean to do this, mistakes cannot be undone by our CS department after the fact so talk to your friends and your guildmates, check that you are all moving and doublecheck to which server for those that have a choice.

Known issues
Due to the large number of requests on the Character Transfer service the transfer can be delayed by up to one hour. Please do not request for your character to be transferred more than once. This will not speed up the process. Once you have gotten the confirmation window your character is queued for transfer and the system will transfer your character as soon as possible.
Characters with special characters on the first letter of their name cannot be transferred. We will correct this as soon as possible.
When you transfer a character and have to rename it, you cannot create a new name with special characters in it. People renaming their character and wanting a special character will have to contact the CS after their transfer to ask for the renaming with the special characters. However, we’ll continue to work on fixing this issue so that the situation doesn’t last.
Please note that the Character Transfer History section has not been launched yet but will be live soon.

So I am currently awaiting transfer to Karag Norm… Get a move on GOA!


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