been poked witha big stick again!

January 13, 2009

Ok so you would have thought that with Christmas and time off work I would have actually updated this blog. . . it would turn out not… oh well. Time for a 2month update (I will try to make next posts not so far away 🙂 )

So the past 2 months have been a busy set, last time I posted I was contemplating a transfer to Karag Norn, this is where I ended up, figuring-rightly-that Worlds Edge Mountain would become a ghost town.

I left My Little Pwny and made my way to Norn, upon arrival I started seeking out fellow players from WEM and ended up joining Excidium, one of the better guilds that was present origionally on WEM. So I now have a new home and new folk to play with. Next I decided to make the mad dash tpo level 40, with some free time over Christmas I managed to clear 3 days and 1 afternoon to sit down and game on.

After reading alot on lack of quests in the late 40 stages I was incredibly worried about running out and having to grind my last levels. However I was surprised to find this was not the case. I managed to hit 40 from 31 in less than 3 days, albeit there was a lot of play time but with a respec from healing to dps my WP was soon racking into the quests.

So now I have a level 40 WP! YAY GO ME!

However I now lacked the RR levels, so have been working on that. Currently I have 4/5 Annihalator (Healing PvP) Gear set. Missing my shoulders still… damn shoudlers . . . Ive had 2 bodies and heads though blah!

PvE wise, I have been participating in runs to Sigmars Crypts the level 40 base instance in Aldtorf, where you gain the first parts of “Greater Warded” gear, needed for Warpblade Tunnels. I have ventured into WBT anyway with only Lesser Wards, not a wise move but as I am a healer one I can make fairly safely.

Progress through these instances, have killed the first 4 bosses of Crypts regularly. The lockout system is very bugged though, on one run a member dcd and ended without a lock for a boss thus preventing his renetry to the instance and our inevtiable failure. But other than this its a fairly easy run. Alas no WP gear on show!

WBT I have done 2 bosses, and no WP gear. This is a significantly harder instance based in the sewer portion of Aldtorf, as long as your tanks are capable then it is of no real hassle it seems.

My general opinion on the state of the game so far is skewed though. Yes I do love the game, the content, the lore, the attempt at RvR. BUt it is just that an attempt. Eventually you just end up trading keeps and BO’s for RR. Scenarios are full of premades, Destro bring 3 times as many players to oRvR than order can field. We end in a situation of lossing alot. DO we give up? hell no! Are we just feeding them RR to make them stronger… yes.

That being said, Destruction have held both Praag and Thunder Mountain since before I hit T4. They have never managed to get to the keep, not for trying though.

Order seemed to let this happen happily and we now fight over Dragonwake and Caledor, occasionally Eataine. Two nights ago, Order managed to flip Caledor and open up Fell Landing, the destro Elf fortress. We wiped, hilariously so. After beating down the keep doors and getting to the final balcony Destruction showed up en masse and had their merry way with our corpses, but it was fun. Destruction responded in kind by capping everything to open up Shinning Way, Elf Order Fortress. We defended in kind. Gaining in the process a fair chunk of RR and RvR Inf.

WALL OF TEXT! Ill find some images, was too busy healing to take pictures in the fortresses unfrotunately!

Current aims: Get these Annihalator Shoulders, more RR up. Gain some RvR influence for getting rewards(some are sexy, some arent) and more Dungeons!


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