The current loot system – End game dungeons

January 25, 2009

After many runs through Sigmars Crypts and WBT getting little to no gear (Only recieved the Sentinal Bookstrap for my WP so far) I have been thinking through the drop system and what could be done to improve it.
With the current system each boss has a chance to drop Sentinal gear but only random pieces, given that all pieces are BoP with the exception of belts, this ends up with either one happy guild talisman or with a load of trash for folk to vender.
This system is hampering progression through the game, with the group I go with to these runs we can clear fully Crypts in 90minutes and about 2hours on each wing of WBT just now, but end up with no drops to show for our work and thus having to come back to fully gear our characters before we can even contemplate moving to Lost Vale.

The solution to me seems clear, either update the loot table to only contain loot from classes present in the instance, which while it sounds a sound valid idea, programming wise would be a complete nightmare to test correctly, or the two valid ideas i have.

Firstly make bosses drop a chest with contribution similar to keeps and PQ’s, this is a valid idea as the bag system is already in place within the game, or creating a system similar to that which LOTRO have where each boss would drop a gem which can be traded to an npc for gear.

Either of these systems would help the average player who doesnt have countless days to farm for gear with a low drop rate and allow them to experience farther into the game much easier.


  1. Hmm, I could perhaps make you a header. How you enjoying WAR?

    • Go go make it mate 🙂

      Wars going well, much better now you and dan have left back to WoW :p nah seriously come back already!

  2. Exelent post!
    I’ve been thinking exactly same with the loot stuff. I’d prefer the bosses to drop the lootbags directly without the contribution system though. It would fit more into the raiding athmosphere IMHO. They have the lootbag system implemented. One could assume it wouldn’t be too bad of an effort to get it working with the instance bosses.

    Thanks for a great blog 🙂

    • Cheers for the commendation,

      Making the bags drop without contribution is a valid idea too, I see how it would work now (Its been a long time since I ever did any form of “real” raiding) and had forgotten this system. It would bring it in line with other games.

      Either way, I think a fix is drastically needed or members will end up running instances with little to no challenge for loot that never drops.

      That said, I did get Sentinel Shoulders yesterday yay!

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