Crafting in WAR

January 26, 2009


At the start when leveling Kutu I thought of what crafts I wanted to pick, and chose Apothecary and Cultivating, which support each other nicely. However being a healer I found the use for pots very limited and soon gave up around skill 60.

Well tonight I decided to rethink my decision and wiped out my Apothecary and Cultivating, and replace them with Magical Salvaging and Talisman making.  Now chosing Talisman at this stage is a hard hitting move on your wallet, a few patches ago you could salvage RR gear, and so skilling up was fairly easy as fragments could be found easy.  Now its more difficult. Ever tried to find level 9-14 greens for cheap? Theres plenty on my AH, but not enough to skill me up without costing a fortune.

So it is farming time, crack out your DPS Warrior Priest and lets go to town on level 10 mobs! YAY!

Well now I have started to digress, anyway, crafting.

Why Talisman making though? It seems to me to be the most profitable, constantly I find myself, well every week or so, buying willpower talismans of 5day length at 30g each, these get expensive fast.  Soon I will be able to tap into this market and also Salvage any keep bag items i get, since I really dont need more Annihalator gear and those pesky random dungeon drops I end up with for no reason could have some use!

Initially, both Magical Salvaging and Talisman can be skilled to 25 with much ease on npc bought items, after this level 9-14 greens get you fragments for 25-50 Talisman and so on.  I found this chart to be of a great help to me, after taking an hour or so to work out what the hell it meant.


Note: I did not create this chart 🙂

Starting in the top right corner this chart shows what Salvaging level you need to get a Fragment and skill up on green/blue/purple/orange items. Which is great when you are looking to find a place to farm items.

Each Tier of Talisman you wish to create has a certain value, this is worked out by adding the value of the tiered fragment, curio and essence, from the left hand coloumn on left side of page and using the result to check against the coloumn of what you can expect.  Its hard to explain.

But if you use a Green Skill 100 Fragment, a green 100 curio and green 100 gold dust, your total would be 65, 18*3 and then a +1 since its dust and not essence you are using, comparing this to the chart you lie between the T5 and T6 results and would end up making a T5 Talisman of  either 9 as talismans only make the stat compared to the colour they are. (unless they crit)

At 200 aparantly certain Curios and Essence/Dusts give you extra boosts. In addition to this the chart lists some extra crit chances, 8% to get random tier up crit, 2% to bump the talisman colour up.

As for me, my Salvaging is at 60 already and Talisman making is at 35, lacking the greens so on a mass farm effort in Nordland right now!

What is others views on the crafting system? Any other crafts used instead/ I know Scavanging/Butchering rakes in a fair bit of cash in npc junk anyway. Let me know if you have any thoughts. I reckon I will no doubt end up with a Scavenger/Apothecary or a Apothecary/Cultivator on my alt again just for completions sake 🙂

Its all confusing for my head, and I am not so sure I have explained it well at all!

Oh well!



  1. At the moment, I hate talisman making with a passion. Everytime I try to summon up the courage to do it, I find something else to do, like watching paint dry.

    This is even with using Ezcraft to help with material management.

    The whole crafting process needs to tied into the ToK and that information should be fed into the crafting process via a additional “Known Combinations”, so the only time you need to drag things into the creation panel, is when experimenting.

    I am praying for some announcement on 29/1 re: crafting interface improvements.

    • Unfortunately we got no such announcement.

      Do you have a working version of Ezcraft? The one I used hadnt been updated and eventually causes me the need to reboot by bugging out items.

      I agree that a database integrated into the ToK would be much nicer, I find CraftingWillard to work fairly well though in predicting what you would get when you craft and how much you have to improve ingrediants by to improve the result.

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