Mythic send some bloggers some love poems.

January 27, 2009

Well I am truely in awe at how Mythic have taken to advertising the new classes and what we assume is a new live event.  For the classes, read the posts farther down Mythic has a sense of humour and Pending update 29/1/9.

Now it seems Mythic have taken to sending “love” poems to unsuspecting bloggers. I say love, with some scepticism, since theres not much love around them!

There are aparantly 13 poems that have been sent out, only 5 have so far been posted/discovered yet according to Paul Bennets twitter site,I just did a quick shufty.. out of the 13 we sent out.. 5 are posted.. the others.. we await..

So far the lucky folk to have found one of these “poems” in their mail boxes are, RainbowMMO, Werit, Keen and Graeve, Asuryan Flames, Epic Slant.  So hopefully more wil be around there!

From these poems they alure to a RvR event, on the night of murder which would typically alure to being Friday the 13th to me.  So it sounds possible the date to a live event being launched for the new classes?

Aparantly some of the discovered letters/poems have a number X/13 and a letter on the back, but not all have been posted, could be the name of the event being announced…we just have to wait and see.

Wizards & Wenches made a suggestion as to what the event may entail from the fact it talks of the “Night of Murder”.

WHA has a discussion thread running to track all the poems and try to decipher the cryptic clues in them.
What do I think? I reckon we are getting a live event announced, but as to what it could be, or will be called? No idea.

Keep it coming Mythic!


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