Sentinel Update

January 27, 2009

After being specced the past day as a Wrath WP, I found myself today going to WBT tunnel with my guild as a DPS and not a healer. Yes I did have to cast the odd heal, but its still within my capability and mechanics.

The run consisted of 3 WPs, 1 grace, 1 salv and 1 wrath, 1 IB, 1SM and 1ENG.  Very fast run with only a few deaths, mainly to the ENG as they seem to do insane damage.

DPS was fun, all beit completely different to what I was used to.  Killed the boot boss easily enough, and got Sentinal Boots for my WP Yay me!  So now 3/6 Sentinel with 2 Greater Wards.

Our guild leader, and the salv specced WP in the run also gave me a gift today, Sledge of the Warden contemplating staying as Wrath to maximise its potential. Could dump 2 STR talismans on it and really go to town.


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