Mythics guide on tactics.

January 28, 2009

It seems Mythic has put together a small guide on Open RvR Tactics. If you havent already checked it out do so.

Tactics is one thing that I see lacking alot on Karak Norn for order, while destruction use the same one over and over again – the 3 warband zergathon.

When seriously outnumbered, playing tactically is all that we can ever do. The daily situation on Norn is that during the day, order is able to dominate the T4 zones, with very few destruction around. What this tells me is that either, alot of destruction are kids in school/eductaion, or folk who work these seemingly “normal” hours of work.  This is great for order, we can run in, nab all the keeps and BO’s etc but rarely is there much of a fight going on.

Come around 5 or 6pm though, the scene shifts dramatically, suddenly destro are able to field a similar number of players and we have a good fight, but slowly and surely it turns. Order start to log off for dinner, while more destruction log on. Before we know it we are vastly outnumbered again. And so we end up retreating, trying to goad destro into a fight, however with such a state of play that no matter what we do to goad them, to fight them, to gain any footing, we get steamrolled.
Main ranting point is that bringing a bunch of warbands to the field, while fun for you, isnt for anyone else. Yes we should organise ourselves better, but order seem to lack this capability, more and more players we lose every day to this zerg mentality. Until the forthcoming zone control patch, I see no way for order to get any reak grasp on Karak Norn.


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