The Poem Quest Continues.

January 28, 2009

Well with the impending Class announcement tomorrow from Mythic, we are left wondering what will be happening, and what the new live event will be. In fact will there be one? Probably, infact I would stake good money on it.

So there have been some more developements in the hunt for the poems, the letters and the potential meaning of it all. The main speculation is it will tell the name of the event, with parts of the poems dropping hints towards what the event will be and when.

Wizards & Wenches have a nice ordered post showing what each letter is and who got each one.

The new additions include, Fires of War, Stylish Corpse, /random and Lagwar.

Aparantly the handwritting on some of the letters is hard to make out, and as such could be taken in different manners. This ambiguity is proving of some interest as certain combinations seem to make more sense that others.
Since thats all I know so far that is all I will say anyway.
Oh and random shiny picture of the Destro attempt to siege Shining Way 10minutes ago for fun.


Seems I was slightly ascew as I ran off the ramparts to hit someone with my hammer!


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