Character Transfers

January 29, 2009

Aparantly I missed the next stage of Character Transfers.
Karak-Izor is being offered free transfers too the following servers:

  • Karag Eight Peaks
  • Karak-Azgal
  • Karak-Norn
  • Karak-Hirn

Now not to sound too biased, but since I play on Karak-Norn. And I know how much we would love new players (who wouldnt afterall) I link now to Wizards and Wenches advertisement for Norn. Dont be swayed by the temporary bonus to Hirn and Eight Peaks! Come to Norn for all your fun and WP love!

P.s. not all of the banner is true, I regret to inform that Regis is not the best WP ever, and in fact the biased nature of my blog I am 🙂 Sorry Regis!


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