Zone Control and Slayer tidbits

January 29, 2009

Last update for now, phew.

The EU herald has a mini background into the Slayer for all who are interested. I am particularly interested in this small quote from it.

The twin axes of the Dwarf bit deep into the troll hide and now, the men could see the glow of rune power that surrounded the blades.

Could that be a hint as to what the class mechanic will be? Who knows. Wait and see I guess.

And zone control, as many have mentioned before, there is changes to the way zone control works in patch 1.1.1, this post on WHA tells of some of the upcoming things.

Basically, your side has to hold all six of their blocks in order to flip the zone." This is supplemental to other ways of flipping a zone.

So grab an objective, hold it for 30minutes, grab a keep hold it for 2 hours, do the same for all the zone and bobs your uncle you lock it down. This should help end the countless grinds for getting nowhere in Tier 4! Anticpation level rises somewhat!


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