Crafting in WAR part 2.

February 1, 2009

I finally reached my goal on friday afternoon of 200 Talisman making, unfortunately my Salvaging is lacking behind a whiole 3 points, but Im sure it will hit 200 soon enough.

I levelled mainly using the auction house, however salvaging is completely random it seems. Sometimes level 39 greens would give me failures at skill 180-190, but level 36 greens would continue to slowly skill me up.

I tried to Salvage a level 35 purple Cassok I obtained from a keep on friday, and got a crit salvage, with the help of a guild mate, Heald, I have a +19strength talisman sitting in muy bags and contemplating what to do with it.  I had said earlier that I was intending staying as Wrath spec, but I am jumping between Wrath and Grace/Salv spec of late depending on the need. I guess my hammer of the watcher could use the +19 dropped in it, or I could sell it and recoup all the cash that I spent on Talisman, they go for 3-400gold on my server, and I only spent 150g to hit 200 🙂

So the path I used to 200 is something similar to this (its not exact, I forgot to make an exact list)

Name                   Item Level Frag Level
Gale-Runner’s              9 25
Bloody                           11 25
Pillager’s                       13 25
Butcher’s                      17 50
Calamitous                  19 75
Shrouded                     21 75
Underwork                 23 100
Doom-Caller              25 100
Battle-Scarred          27 100
Frenzied                      29 125
Outlaw’s                       31 125
Staunch                        33 150
Enduring                      35 150
Enervating                  37 150

Precursor                    39 175

Annihalator                40 200
Conqueror                  40 200

Well ok I havent actually tried any Conquerer gear, never seen much drop, but the idea is there.

talismanguideUsing the top right hand box, you get the idea of what level of gear you need to use, this will also skill up your Salvaging to nearly 200. If you find yourself failng alot, try to use a lower gear set, you may get fragmenst that you dont want, but the skill ups will help.

In the end I worked on using level 36greens until 190, then used blues/level39 greens to hit 197.


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