Dear Mythic, please fix…

February 3, 2009

With so many bugs and glitches still present in the game from pre launch, I am going to list a few that I would really like to see fixed. This is not a list of the major issues, nor a list of the ones most complain about but the ones that really annoy the hell out of me.

  • Fix contribution in PQ’s and Keeps/Fortresses. A few days ago I strolled up to a keep siege at 30% of the 2nd door remaining, barely touched the door and the lord(there were 2+warbands) and came 6th in contribution. I dont think I hit a cure at all during the siege…how could I come 6th? Today with 3 warbands I cant get above 40th in contribution and I am bashing and curing all that I can while wrath specced. Do I just get less since I cant heal? How does the contribution lottery work?
  • The auction house “Bids” tab is completely redundant other than to see what you have bidded on. When your outbid the auction dissapears from this page and you cant rebid without first finding the item via search. This is a right pain in the ass as I often bid on 50+ cheap items at once and can never remember them all. I know the mailbox message tells you what the bid was returned for, but once you take the cash its a generic message thats left. I know also that the game posts to your chat log what it was for, but often I am nowhere near an auction house and forget.
  • The auction house search funtionality needs to be improved/streamlined. When chosing to search all weapons/armour for a particular career you get all the weapons/armour for the race, not the career. My Warrior Priest cannot wear chain mail. I specifically chose to search by Warrior Priest as that is what I am interested in at that time.
  • Combat Animations, many are bugged. So often after using Divine Assault my character will keep throwing his hammer around like a lunatic. After this ceases he will be bugged in a stance where he is just about to throw his hammer around like a lunatic. Really annoying to look at.
  • Dungeon drops, ok so this one isnt a bug per se. Its more of a gripe that BoP gear for classes not present drops and is inevitably wasted. Now that I have levelled Salvaging this wont be such a problem for me, who doesnt like free talismans I guess, but still anoying none the less.
  • Class balance. Theres alot that could be said, the gripes of overpowered this, underpowered that. I think that Mythic need to go back to the drawing board and look at the classes as a whole, make each side equally balanced. Disciples get skills that are overpowered compared to WP’s, and we get some vice versa. Im not asking for a complete mirror of the classes, just more balance between the semi-mirrors that exist.
  • Knockback/disable/root/silence. Currently a favoured tactic among destruction on Karak-Norn is to have a magus pull you, some chosen knock you down/disable you while dps spam you to the ground in between rooting you.  This is plausible in the game mechanics, but is annoying as hell when it is all you come across. I think this needs to be changed so that if you are hit by any Knockback/Disable/Root/Silence skill then once it breaks you cannot be affected by any others until the “Unbreakable/Unmoveable” cooldown has gone.]
  • Monster Pathing, especially in Sigmars Crypts the bats and tome robbers just fly through the wall while untargetable and wipe groups needlessly. Fix the pathing.

There are more, but for now this will do!


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