February 3, 2009


Dont try to salvage Sentinel gear at less than skill 200, you will fail…  As i had posted yesterday stating I had hit Salvaging 200, and I found a spare Sentinel Belt in my bank I figured what the heck, Salvage for some nice fragment time…

Unfortunately what I didnt realise is my Salvaging was not 200, and infact was only 199. Resulting in a) An error in my post yesterday and B) A crit failure.

After cursing myself a few times for wasting the belt, I figured time to sort it out. Now I am 200 salvaging and found another random Sentinel Belt, which dechanted succcessfully into a blue fragment. As of now I have yet to fail any 200 salvages, and on talking to several players aparantly they have never failed any either.

So I appologise for threatening to kill kittens yesterday 🙂

Now that I am 200, I have even more reason to be found in the RvR areas, Keeps! The gold bag annihalator drops I believe also turn into blue/purple fragments, so a good chance to nab me a +19 talisman out of them!

Finally I hit RR38 last night right before entering a Crypt run and was able to pick up Tome of the Repose the Empire Basic T4 reward. The +12 RF gain from this is supreme. I find myself struggling to run out of RF unless I am spam curing a whole warband. In the crypts, I never had to touch Supplication once to boost me up. Unfortunately it turned into yet another naff Crypt run with no Warrior Priest gear dropping. I get no luck from here! Oh well one day!


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