Age of Blogging and Patch 1.1.1

February 3, 2009

The Age of Blogging event has sadly come to its end, this doesnt mean we all stop blogging though! Of course not! We keep going! And get more bloggers still! The AoB inspired me to restart lolhammer and get back into the swing of writing. While my writing is mostly random and about my character progression, I hope that some folks have found it entertaining/amusing/informative in even a slight bit while I enjoy posting here.

Dont has posted a comprehensive list of blogs that started/resurfaced during the Age of Blogging initiative, go check them out and get them added to the blogrolls!

The patch notes are up for 1.1.1 now, with the patch hitting US and Oceanic servers tomorrow.

Fortresses, the Fortress Lord’s Terror aura will now affect defending players as well as attackers.

This is a late addition to the patch notes which I quite like. I am litteraly just out of a fort siege where order, despite valiantly trying kept wiping at the Fortress Lord. The reason for this is we were unable to raise faster than destruction were.

Other key points to note arre the addition of Flight Masters, finally an easy way to reach Ostland etc! And the Night of Murder RvR event which on the EU WAR site starts on Feb 76 . . .


Point to note, does anyone have any viable Fort tactics? Should we push to the balcony and wipe destruction? Ignore the destro, kill lord? We managed to take the lord to roughly 90% before wiping dramatically each time to destruction, but that was with us not focussing on the lord.



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