Lots to Say!

February 8, 2009

So little time to say it all!

Yesterday saw my first weekend off work since Christmas and also tied in nicely with the live event “Night of Murder”. Also on logging in I found large scale RvR in Eataine, so I headed on down. Before I knew it I had reciecved the elite reward for the event, a jewellery item. Unfortnately I took the +5% gold instead of reknown! Darn! Wondering if CSRs can change it for me!

I honestly expected more from this event though, I feel that even though I was RvRing a while yesterday, it shouldnt have been so easy to complete. Now there is no real draw for me to RvR other than my Conq gloves which I have in my bags.  Made RR40 last night, so go go go!

Crypts and Tunnels I am still running, managed to get my Sentinel Cassok yesterday, so 3/5 Greater wards, 4th from gloves at RR41 and just a Sentinel Helmet that I need 🙂 Pretty pleased as now I can be considered at least for the Vale, not going to be able to go since the guild lacks enough folk geared but its nice to know I am nearly there.

The Comic Con event is going on in NYC just now, and Ten Ton Hammer and WHA were there representing the WAR communities.  Things I look forward to from this is Slayer and Choppa details! Gimme more info! NOW!  And mount changes, we get faster mounts at Guild Rank 37-38ish, and different coloured mounts at 20’s. Will give more variety to the game, everyone running around on the same colour mount gets boring pretty fast.

Actually theres not really much to say. A more rounded updated coming tonight/tomorrow. Sorry for the lack of updates!


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