A weekly roundup.

February 11, 2009

I am not in the habbit of making weekly roundups per se but it has been a busy week for me doing sod all.


Done some general UI tidying up,  too many unused addons before. Moved Squared down a bit, added Phantom and State of the Realm. Going to work on my unit bars, I need more space for skills! I am still addicted to FraithUI by Fraith of WHA as my base though, just cant find anything as sleek to replace it with.

RvR is getting a major facelift this includes the following tidbits of information.

Keeps and forts are being redesigned to have 2-3 ramps. This should make things a lot more interesting for keep/fort defense, as well as weaken the popular tank wall strategy. Also, Conqueror Armor pieces will drop off guards and not just the lord in a fort.

I like the sound of this, the tank wall strategy, while working, is very boring. I like the idea of being stretched on multiple sides. Plus, on Karag-Norn, we have never flipped a fort before, order or destruction, it would be quite nice to see it happen and some loot drop (For order of course, not those smelly greenskins and co over at CIR 😛 ) Any opertunity to experience more end game, yes please!

Mythic will be expanding the ORvR influence bar. There will be more rewards as a result but it will take much longer to max out them out as well.

Yay finally a reason to keep RvRing! I must admit, i am only near getting the Elite reward from the elf campaign, and not even half way in the other two, but still. Once you cap the bar theres no more shiny things to use/salvage/npc.

Stunty Stomper has some nice HQ Wallpapers available now, very pretty and shiny. All go look! And download!

Again more WHA love from me from the ComicCon roundup. Someone asked Mythic the following.

Q: In your personal opinion, what's the most powerful class, most balanced class, and the weakest class?

A: I would say the most powerful- Warrior Priest which is better than the Disciple of Khaine.
The most balanced- we like the marauder how it is now.
The weakest- the Shadow warrior needs love.

I must admit I was slightly shocked by the answer. Mauraders seem failry well balanced, but on the other hand not so with their fetch/knockbacks. Maybe I am just jealous at my lack of CC as a Warrior priest. Shadow Warriors being the weakest? Er again unsure. Yeah they are weak, but they are devastaing too. Maybe they need toughned slightly but not much in my opinion, ever try soloing as an Archmage? I found that significantly weaker, again though perhaps that is just my playstyle.

Now the big shocker, Warrior Priest is the most overpowered? In what way? We do mediocre dps when specced for it, we do fine in group healing situations but are not great single target healers, how do they find us overpowered? We have survivability but thats just by healing through damage, which doesnt work 99% of the time in my view.

WHA and IGN have been speaking about the soon to be Official Forums over at Massively and how they both will try to focus for the times ahead.

Wizards and Wenches has posted about the upcoming Choppa and Slayer mechanics “Berserked” along with the Choppa’s matery path and skills. Nice insight into what we can expect, though Im still rolling order! I need my salvaging alt 🙂 Aparantly he is getting cake for converting, tempting I guess but what cake?

What about Kutu? Well I am still RR40, 22k to go before those Conquerer gloves get used. I now have my Sentinel Helm all I am missing is the gloves. Soon to start looking into finding a regular Lost Vale group, alas I currently cannot commit the time with real life comitments, but I hope that in the next few weeks to be able to free up a few hours a couple of times a week for it.

Plans for the future other than above is to roll my Slayer! I have fortunately been told I have to take holidays at the start of March. What a shame, it happens to be Slayer release week so WooHoo headstart!


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