Patch 1.2 my thoughts and views.

February 18, 2009

So far I have held off on posting about the 55 pages of patch notes instead waiting till today, too see what it actually means. Today GOA announced the EU PTS is open, and so off i trotted to Shifting Isles to check some things out.

If you dont want a few spoilers then dont read on…

The patch notes give the following for the Warrior Priest:

Bug Fixes:
  • Prayer Of Absolution: This ability will now continue after zoning.
  • Prayer of Righteousness: This ability will now continue after zoning.
  • Prayer of Devotion: This ability will now continue after zoning.
  • Breath of Sigmar: This ability’s build time has been reduced, and its cooldown time increased.
  • Purge: Fixed a typo in this ability’s tooltip.
  • Sigmar’s Greave: This Tactic’s Toughness debuff from will now last the correct duration.
  • Divine Assault: This ability will no longer heal invalid targets.
  • Healing Hand: Fixed a bug which caused this effect to disappear when used on multiple players.
Balance Changes:
  • Prayer of Righteousness: This ability will now deal Spirit Damage.
  • Divine Aid: This ability will now heal slightly more initially, and slightly less over time. The over time portion will now last 5 seconds.
  • Touch of the Divine: This ability will now cast faster and heal for a higher value.
  • Divine Light: This ability will now absorb more damage.

So yay Prayers will last on zoning, always was a pain to see the button lit up but not active.

Breath of Sigmar pre 1.2  compared to post 1.2

breathofsigmaroldbreathofsigmarnew This really isnt much of a change. No longer do you stand waiting to get knocked back mid raise, but you have to wait longer to raise again. Overall so so I guess.

daolddanew Divine Aid pre 1.2 and post 1.2, with an initial increase and shorter HoT by 4 seconds, and thus just short of half the HoT it is a so so change too, more heal for the money? Unsure yet.

hholdhealinghandnew Comparing Healing hand, I have to say WoW! And then wonder if it is a bug. in 1.2 they never said they would update this skill other than the bug that stops it casting when you switch targets, but anyway it shows more than double the increase, doubt it will though 😦

todoldtodnewTouch of the Divine gets a heal bump for the group, and also a reduced cool down. Definately a plus with much more heal per money!

So that is the WP skills that I noticed changed anyway, overall I think it will increase WPs heal capablility, not that we needed that updated in my view but still!

The crafting update works, no londer do you need gold dust etc to craft talismans, good for leveling in my view, in addition to this, the new Talisman Boxes, offer increased crit chance. I will happily take crit chance +, more crit chance, more +20’s !

A few pictures of the updated open party screens, allowing you to filter what the party is for, what SCs, what keeps, zones, PQ’s etc. Looks very shiny so far!




Aparantly this button will light up in T1 and 2 and teleport you to the RvR lake if you answer the call…sounds an easy way to reach the action, but why only T1 and 2? Make it work in T3 and 4!

Also could be good to bypass those destro lines when trying to reach a random keep to defend.


Shiny mounts.  I cant remember their names right now but hey they look great! I want the brown and white one for sure!



Havent tested out the new zone control system, will post when I do though. For now its real server time to try and get some RR/Crypt runs in.



  1. Breath of Sigmar = so so? … surely a huge buff considering we can spend those 3 seconds doing something else? agreed we can only get the same number of resses off in the same amount of time, but its freed up 3 seconds to get off a heal or two…

    • While I agree in some sense, we can spend those extra 3 seconds throwing more heals around, I disagree with its useful ness too. In all situations where I am having to raise folk, normaly RvR there are more folk needing raised than healers to raise them. This results in a backlog of raises, and makes zero change to what it was before with 6 and 3seconds.

      In the end it will not affect the WP’s playability at all. Only real situation I see this viable is when in a dungeon and the second healer has died, being able to raise them with ease is always a plus.

    • Agreed, this is a huge buff! I usually don’t bother trying to res people because the person i’m trying to res usually gets ressed by a RP 4 or 5 seconds into my cast. 3 seconds is a long time, ESPECIALLY when you have someone beating on you, which will probably be fairly regular if you’re doing any kind of melee.

      Divine aid is a buff both ways if you do that maths – base of 78/sec on the new (5 second) hot component compared to 73.6/sec on the old 9 second one, this basically gives us stronger single target healing but, it also becomes pretty irrelevant for healing anyone in your group since it’s only 5 RF less than TotD, does less healing and does it slower. This will depend on the willpower scaling of each ability which I haven’t bothered checking but unless it’s a lot better you shouldn’t even bother casting Divine Aid, spam TotD and you’ll be doing a very similar amount of healing instantly at a slight (<10%) increase in mana cost with the advantage that you heal another 5 people for the same amount too. Much better for healing someone outside your group (you can do roughly 44% more healing with divine aid on them in the same period of time, very good buff!)

    • I see the changes to Breath of Sigmar as very useful. My guild bases it’s RVR wb’s on a single group dynamic. Meaning that we try to balance our individual groups for RVR with 2 tanks, 2 dps, and 2 healers. One forward tank to wade into the oncoming destro with the two dps /assisting the tank for focused dmg, and the other tank running interference (distrupts/knockbacks)for the two healers. Each group works as a single fighting unit within the wb.
      As a wp in this setup I am either dps or healer. As the second healer I am at a great disadvantage in terms of rezzing because of the six second cast time. Generally I just try to heal my ass off and spam intimidating repent and hope that this gives the other healer a chance to rez. With a three second cast time I can actually assist the other healer in getting people back up as soon as they fall. If my role is dps then the three second cast time is even more of a bonus as it means a third rezzer for those times when we run up against a very determined and skilled wb (doesnt happen often) or more likely a superior force in numbers but lacking in skill (which is the general makeup of a “zerg”.

  2. The Res is the most major buff we get, 3 sec rather then 6. you may even see a warrior priest getting a res of with 1-2 people hitting on it.

  3. I’m sorry, but that rez change is pretty significant. Not only is the cast time shorter (meaning a quicker cast and less opportunity to be interrupted), but the cooldown has been cut in half as well. How can you say that’s “so-so”? LOL

    And what Asator said relative to Divine Aid. Do the math – the inital heal is higher and the HoT has been improved per tick. Any way you look at – heal value per RF, heal value per second – it’s a buff. The only real issue is the impact Willpower has now relative to how it will scale in 1.2.

    • @ Jund, the cooldown on breath of sigmar has been doubled, that is why I call it a so-so change, yes we can raise folk quicker with less chance of being knocked back but we have to wait twice as long to raise someone else. Personally when I am raising in a situation I could be knocked back in then I am normally try to get far enough back so I dont get knocked back. Reason being when you raise, if your getting hit then so is whoever you just raised in range for being hit and thus dieing again.

      With regards to Divine Aid, currently we get an 910 heal over the full 9seconds. Take that to the 5second mark that we will be getting after 1.2 and it hits 615. The new buff gives us 727 in this time. So yes in that respect we will get more heal for our money. However, we are also losing out on 295 heal there, which over 4 seconds isnt to be knocked. In effect we are getting more heal though yes. When I initially looked at that part I somehow managed to add it erroneously. Oh well.

  4. You’re right about the cooldown. I misread the screenshots you posted. That’s too bad, but on the whole, I think I’d rather have the reduced cast time as it improves our chance to get the rez off.

  5. Your comment about the rezz being a 3sec instead on 6 sec…So So ? Omg seriously dude, it is a very good change! Unles you don’t rezz much which is fail as a WP.

    • @ Joy-Energiser

      I am sorry to hear you wont be reading the rest of my blog. No really I am . . . ok Im not so sorry. . .

      Anyway your stating you wont read because of a post I made nearly 1 month ago, on a fact that I have justified in my comments above. Read the comments, I gave my reasons for labelling it “so-so” and I still stand by it.

      Have a good day!

  6. Oh and that caused me to stop reading the rest of your blog 😦

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