Kutu’s WCPI effort

February 23, 2009

Well I have already been beaten in throwing up the first post for the WCPI.

This week I have scoured my RSS feeds and found you three of my favourite posts from some excellent blogs.

Tome of Knowledge has a great post comparing the Slayer and Choppa skills and stats side by side.  I know Bugman’s Best beat me to this exact same link, but it really is worth mentioning again.

Portraits of WAR has some awesome wallpapers, I especially like the one I linked, but not only the awesomeness of the images, but the fact there is a lot of thought into the background of why they are created. Keep it up!

Battle Standard posted up about Chosen AoE tanking capabilities and how to do it at different levels. Interesting read through, Chosen was the first class I rolled and loved it up until R24ish, when my whole guild hopped on over to order.

Thats all for today folks.


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