Setting up for Slayer

February 23, 2009

Well with Bitter Rivals soon to be launched on the live servers, sometime this week I hope, and with me just happening to have a weeks holiday next week for job hunting/playing my slayer. I feel it is time to start naming my slayer and setting up my general slayer-ness.

My Warrior Priest is named Kutu Wantheals, Kutu is a tag I have used for the past 7 or so years in any MMO i played since FFXI. As such I continued the name into WAR.

But I never really play a second character, always getting bored/burnt out focussing on one. And so I have no second name in reserve yet.

So I am looking for help here, throw me some ideas of Slayer esque names, and you might just win the chance to “Name my Slayer” and get invited to the official naming ceremony, get an ms-paint created .bmp file to keep for ever kand ever… ok no you probably wont. But still throw me some names if you have them!

So far I am liking the sound of;

  • Dimble
  • Dracken
  • Slash
  • and many other bland names.


  1. I like the name Akrun. My warrior priest is named Dikaios which means “righteous one” in greek…you could name your slayer Dikaios Furi or something…seems fitting. Vindicare means “one who vindicates” in latin…could do something along that name…

  2. Kutu er means box in turkish . . . go random name generator yay! Cheers for the ideas, Vindicare sounds wicked!

  3. I always try to stick to a common theme when naming toons- especially since I’m an altoholic and you never know which one I may be playing. To make it easier on guildies/friends, I start all my toons’ names sith “Sam.”

    So, how about:

    Kutwo, or..

  4. Go for Clothing…last name Optional. That is my plan.

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