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February 23, 2009

Blame the Healer has “Tagged” me with the latest internet meme in their WCPI post, so I must respond.
Firstly I want to thank Don’t for featuring me, its an honour.

Now to the “rules” of this tagging,

  • Get tagged by someone.
  • Open your Warhammer screenshot folder.
  • Sort by “Date modified” (or “Date created”) and select the sixth screenshot.
  • Post it on your blog and say a few words about the pic.
  • Tag six other blogs who haven’t been before!


So here is the 6th screenshot in my Warhammer folder, its of Karae the Witch Elf, long deceased. A screenshot from my initial first day of Open Beta testing when doing some of the starter quests. I was very much in awe at the game and what was going on. Great times! Unfotunately I never did resurect Karae after launch, it was the class I was hoping to play, but decided against it going instead for a Chosen to support my guild better.

So now to find 6 folk who havent already been tagged.  This could be slightly harder now but lets give it a go.

  1. Alt Much?
  2. The Garrison of War
  3. Metro Gamer
  4. Cabal of War
  5. The Greenskin
  6. Bugmans Best

I couldnt see any of these having been “tagged” so give it a go!


  1. Kutu is a tag I have used for the past 7 or so years in any MMO i played since FFXI. Kutu Kinabalu? guild wars?

    • Guild wars is the one game I think I havent actually played.

      Used Kutu in FFXI, WoW, Lotro, WAR, and some nonmentionable MMOs of unknown worth in between.

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