WCPI Mark 2.

February 25, 2009

*Cant wait for the exciting logo folk are making so I could stick it in here*

For my second part of promotion for the WCPI I have chosen to select the following folk.

Wizards & Wenches is one of my chosen features this week for their second Caption Contest that they are currently running. Some great entries were posted for the first Caption Contest with the winner just being chosen.

Gaarawarr Gabs is a new addition to the WCPI and in this post asks the question, “Are you a tomeaholic?” A very good look at what it would take to become addicted to the tome of knowledge in game. I know I am not in that category . . . I get bored waaaay to easily, but big props for all the unlocks!

Obsessive-Focus builds on Regis of Wizard & Wenches fames post on Things to do and not do in Scenarios. I fully agree with the last point in particular. I so hate when folk cant stay on their feet so I can target them. If your going to bunny hop, go play CoD4, and dont whine to me when you didnt get heals.

Girl IRL gets a mention today for her post on Knockbacks inspired by her boyfriends rage at them. Comparative post on the skills comparing them to similar skills in “That other game”.

Thats all for today!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! 😉

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