March 3, 2009

Ive held off posting for a few days due to some real life issues and time constraints.
Yesterday I got the first chance I have had in a week or so to actually sit down and play for any length of time without distraction. So off I went, logged into my Warrior Priest, then 5minutes later logged back out again. I am bored. I am bored of folk bitching for heals, complaining they die. Im bored of being a glorified heal bot.  I try to RvR but it bores me . . . I am holding out drastically for 1.2 so I can change my way of thinking, but who knows when this will launch for EU yet.

I have been tempted to try WoW again this week, I can say my boredom hasnt drawn me in yet thankfully. I find end game R40 diabolical. Yes we can lock forts and keeps, but thats it. I still have yet to find a LV group, I still run to the Crypts and Tunnels to help gear folk up but frustrated at getting nothing again.

More frustrations in the way GoA treats its EU subscribers. We know nothing of what is going on, right now Mythic is patching 1.2 in for the NA players, EU who the hell knows when we get it.  We got to do a fraction of the testing the NA players did, we never got to respond to feedback on our new “forums” which will probably die with the stress on the first day.

Point in case: GoA uploaded R28/RR26 templates to the test server to try Slayer/Choppa in T3, they never announced it. They took PTS down, never announced it.

The stark differences between GoA and Mythics service is attrocious. Yes I understand Mythic do stuff and then GoA have to try to copy it with such short notice. Really the two need to sit down and hash it all out.  But come on GoA your not all innocent, and dont pretend like you are.

Wheres our non flash website? You promised a web site revamp months ago. Our website is attrocious compared to Mythics.

Wheres our invite a friend programe? Heck Mythic give rewards to players for theirs, get on the ball!

Wheres our working – not out of date – realm war page?

Wheres our communication from you?

I feel let down as a subscriber by lack of communication, how hard is it to say “We are doing X on Y date” ?

Im just griping and moaning today. Im meant to be job hunting and thats going poorly.  But throw up some announcements on the website GoA, let us know when we will be getting things and maybe, just maybe you can start to limit the damage your silence is causing to the EU community.

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