A bit traitorous

March 10, 2009

With the new release of 1.2, and the live event I am still floundering.  I have completed the live event tasks, and unlocked the Slayer as of tomorrow and I am greatly looking forward to it.  However the WP is getting semi retired now I think.

I log in, check the AH for cheap stuff, then log out again and go to play Atlantica Online. Its a turn based MMO that takes me back to the days when I started gaming and is pretty adictive once you get the hang of it.  So yeah I guess I am being a traitor, but still.

In news in WAR, with 1.2 Talisman prices have dropped dramatically. Before 1.2 I sold a +19 str for 550g, now they are a struggle to hit 100g. Good thing for users, bad thing for my wallet. I liked having that niche market to sell into. Oh well, I will live with it.

Just after 1.2 launched, Karag-Hirn was given a transfer unexpectedly, and most chose Norn, as such Norn is now a huge population, and very well balanced. Order and Destro zergs are a daily occurance, with forts flipping all the time now.  Order even proved a strong opponent and managed to get to IC and indeed get some Warlord and Invader gear! I unfortunately missed it due to being in the pub. Im a little sad, but there was alcohol so not that sad really!

So RvR is an extreme hot zone, action in 3 zones all the time now. Its great for the community but a pain for me, as I just dont want to stand there spamming Martyrs Blessing on everyone any more. Oh well, 1 day to go then I can mellee stuff!

Slayer and Choppa got buffed in 1.2.c, unfortunately Mythic have disabled their respective subforums, so I cant link the changes, but it basically made Slayer a lot stronger, and Choppa a bit weaker, just about evening them up in the long run. Aparantly Slayers AoE line, Path of the SkavenSlayer is fairly solid and strong now as opposed to the trash it was in 1.2.a. We will see the changes announced tomorrow perhaps.

Recruit a friend is live for both sides of the pond.  GOA and Mythic offer a 10 day free trial with rewards for the referer if they subscribe. I note Mythic are giving pet rewards, but GOA havent announced any so far, nor the free game time. I wish they would, I could recruit a fair few folk again quite quickly too! Blah GOA!

WCPI post coming up later on today, need to get back into the swing of blogging, sorry for my lax attempt this week. AO and job hunting have taken over.

In a response to my earlier post about my Blog Title, I am going to go with Kutu’s Blog and remove my sub tag for now.

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