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Kutu’s Blog

February 25, 2009

It just doesnt seem a catchy name.  My tag line has always been “A Warrior Priests Perspective” but I rarely give the view point of the WP on the situation.

Couple that with my will to play a Slayer and I think its time for a new tag line!  Any suggestions? Something witty and catchy would work.

Kutu’s Blog, The Warhammer Way?
Kutu’s Blog, Healing and Stabbing across the Warhammer World.

Or just leave it as it is for now?


Worst start to the week?

February 2, 2009

What a day, the worst snow England has seen in years, not that it bothers me being in Scotland but we still had some pretty bad snow. Couple that with 2hours spent in Accident and Emergency after fainting and splitting open my chin this morning…its not been a fun day, made me 2hours late for work bah!

Anyway, this is a war blog, not my random moan and whine blog 😀

So WAR! The state of things post transfer on Karak Norn is awesome! Tier 4 has finally came alive and we realise the potential of the open RvR system. No matter when I log in now, there is alwaysRvR going on, roving warbands of transfered players. Beforehand the same order players would appear day in day out, and while we were dedicated, we would get burned out. This new influx has allowed us to become a true thorn in Destructions side!

I now find myself actually acrruing T4 RvR influence with some speed, before hand I never really bothered about it, now I figure if I push I could get all the rewards by the end of the week.

The Elf campaign seems to be our best push, it is always active. However after more than 2 months of Destro holding Thunder Mountain, we managed to push KV back into our favour. This was a short lived, but great to see victory!  Still however we lack much Fort action, what little we see ends up in wipes alround for the attackers and so there is no doubt that Altdorf and the Inevitable City will stand strong for a while yet. This is a shame in part as Karag Eight Peaks have been pushing city seiges for a while, and I would love to see what the hype/lag is all about!

Talisman making is 200, still have the purple +19 strength to use when the time comes/give to a deserving guildmate.  Finally making some money back after sinking a whole lot to level it, having just gained “The Regal” title for earning over 1000gold, i am now back to 150g, about half of where I was before I started my express leveling of Talisman.

I still have a gripe with the crafting system, with the Salvaging of gear. It just seems too random, at 200 skill now I can still fail level 9 gear, what more annoys me is its always my Annihalator gear that I am failing on … I want those shiny Fragments damnit! I am contemplating a letter to Mythic…

Dear Mythic, At skill 200 when I fail salvages I will kill kittens. Sort it out. Kthxbai!

I reckon I need to work on figuring out the workings of Salvaging more, there must be something I am missing. My only hope is it doesnt turn out as randomly annoying as Final Fantasy XI’s dechanting system of needing to face the correct direction for the day you craft on and other random stats…


January 21, 2009

Not done much worth posting about in WAR of late, if anything.

As a guild we ran Sigmars Crypts in just over an hour, and both wings of WBT in less than 90minutes each. From that we got some good drops, including WP Sentinal Belt for me, other than that nothing to report.
So as a space filler, untill I get some time off to play again (damn having a social life) I give you the commandments of gaming…




January 20, 2009

At the new header… ok its my first every actual try with using Gimp. Cant expect miracles can you?!  It will do for now at least.


WTB Photoshop skills…

January 18, 2009

I need to make a header for this blog… but I r teh suckzor at photoshop 🙂 OH well, guess I had better start learning! Prepare for obnoxious headers for a while 🙂

Before that have completely unrelated one!