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January 19, 2009

I figured I would make a post about some of the addons that I use since I use a fair few to make things easier and the game prettier.

I will start with some basic ones that everyone should have, or have something similar of:

  • Squared – A mod for the party windows, allowing solo/party/wb/SC Party to be shown in a series of bars, or squares. Very customizable.  Highly recommended, especially as a healer, the standard WAR UI is attrocious to try and group heal through.
  • AutoDismount – Hit a skill while riding your mount, dismount and use the skill without all the hassle of having to find your dismount key/button selection. Very useful in RvR!
  • DammazKron – RvR mod that is integrated into the TOK!
  • PISStatus – My unitframes of choice.
  • NAMBLA – Mod for the ActionBars
  • TomeTitan – ok this one is a bit of a cheat, loads a database in game for your Tome of knowledge, giving you locations of lairs, bosses, quests, npcs etc. I never used it till 40, but like it to show where I missed stuff.
  • Buffhead – floating representation of all your buffs you cast. Useful to scan and see who needs what.

More coming later when I get out of keep siege.