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Patch 1.2 my thoughts and views.

February 18, 2009

So far I have held off on posting about the 55 pages of patch notes instead waiting till today, too see what it actually means. Today GOA announced the EU PTS is open, and so off i trotted to Shifting Isles to check some things out.

If you dont want a few spoilers then dont read on… Read the rest of this entry ?


Worst start to the week?

February 2, 2009

What a day, the worst snow England has seen in years, not that it bothers me being in Scotland but we still had some pretty bad snow. Couple that with 2hours spent in Accident and Emergency after fainting and splitting open my chin this morning…its not been a fun day, made me 2hours late for work bah!

Anyway, this is a war blog, not my random moan and whine blog 😀

So WAR! The state of things post transfer on Karak Norn is awesome! Tier 4 has finally came alive and we realise the potential of the open RvR system. No matter when I log in now, there is alwaysRvR going on, roving warbands of transfered players. Beforehand the same order players would appear day in day out, and while we were dedicated, we would get burned out. This new influx has allowed us to become a true thorn in Destructions side!

I now find myself actually acrruing T4 RvR influence with some speed, before hand I never really bothered about it, now I figure if I push I could get all the rewards by the end of the week.

The Elf campaign seems to be our best push, it is always active. However after more than 2 months of Destro holding Thunder Mountain, we managed to push KV back into our favour. This was a short lived, but great to see victory!  Still however we lack much Fort action, what little we see ends up in wipes alround for the attackers and so there is no doubt that Altdorf and the Inevitable City will stand strong for a while yet. This is a shame in part as Karag Eight Peaks have been pushing city seiges for a while, and I would love to see what the hype/lag is all about!

Talisman making is 200, still have the purple +19 strength to use when the time comes/give to a deserving guildmate.  Finally making some money back after sinking a whole lot to level it, having just gained “The Regal” title for earning over 1000gold, i am now back to 150g, about half of where I was before I started my express leveling of Talisman.

I still have a gripe with the crafting system, with the Salvaging of gear. It just seems too random, at 200 skill now I can still fail level 9 gear, what more annoys me is its always my Annihalator gear that I am failing on … I want those shiny Fragments damnit! I am contemplating a letter to Mythic…

Dear Mythic, At skill 200 when I fail salvages I will kill kittens. Sort it out. Kthxbai!

I reckon I need to work on figuring out the workings of Salvaging more, there must be something I am missing. My only hope is it doesnt turn out as randomly annoying as Final Fantasy XI’s dechanting system of needing to face the correct direction for the day you craft on and other random stats…


Crafting in WAR part 2.

February 1, 2009

I finally reached my goal on friday afternoon of 200 Talisman making, unfortunately my Salvaging is lacking behind a whiole 3 points, but Im sure it will hit 200 soon enough.

I levelled mainly using the auction house, however salvaging is completely random it seems. Sometimes level 39 greens would give me failures at skill 180-190, but level 36 greens would continue to slowly skill me up.

I tried to Salvage a level 35 purple Cassok I obtained from a keep on friday, and got a crit salvage, with the help of a guild mate, Heald, I have a +19strength talisman sitting in muy bags and contemplating what to do with it.  I had said earlier that I was intending staying as Wrath spec, but I am jumping between Wrath and Grace/Salv spec of late depending on the need. I guess my hammer of the watcher could use the +19 dropped in it, or I could sell it and recoup all the cash that I spent on Talisman, they go for 3-400gold on my server, and I only spent 150g to hit 200 🙂

So the path I used to 200 is something similar to this (its not exact, I forgot to make an exact list)

Name                   Item Level Frag Level
Gale-Runner’s              9 25
Bloody                           11 25
Pillager’s                       13 25
Butcher’s                      17 50
Calamitous                  19 75
Shrouded                     21 75
Underwork                 23 100
Doom-Caller              25 100
Battle-Scarred          27 100
Frenzied                      29 125
Outlaw’s                       31 125
Staunch                        33 150
Enduring                      35 150
Enervating                  37 150

Precursor                    39 175

Annihalator                40 200
Conqueror                  40 200

Well ok I havent actually tried any Conquerer gear, never seen much drop, but the idea is there.

talismanguideUsing the top right hand box, you get the idea of what level of gear you need to use, this will also skill up your Salvaging to nearly 200. If you find yourself failng alot, try to use a lower gear set, you may get fragmenst that you dont want, but the skill ups will help.

In the end I worked on using level 36greens until 190, then used blues/level39 greens to hit 197.


Crafting in WAR

January 26, 2009


At the start when leveling Kutu I thought of what crafts I wanted to pick, and chose Apothecary and Cultivating, which support each other nicely. However being a healer I found the use for pots very limited and soon gave up around skill 60.

Well tonight I decided to rethink my decision and wiped out my Apothecary and Cultivating, and replace them with Magical Salvaging and Talisman making.  Now chosing Talisman at this stage is a hard hitting move on your wallet, a few patches ago you could salvage RR gear, and so skilling up was fairly easy as fragments could be found easy.  Now its more difficult. Ever tried to find level 9-14 greens for cheap? Theres plenty on my AH, but not enough to skill me up without costing a fortune.

So it is farming time, crack out your DPS Warrior Priest and lets go to town on level 10 mobs! YAY!

Well now I have started to digress, anyway, crafting.

Why Talisman making though? It seems to me to be the most profitable, constantly I find myself, well every week or so, buying willpower talismans of 5day length at 30g each, these get expensive fast.  Soon I will be able to tap into this market and also Salvage any keep bag items i get, since I really dont need more Annihalator gear and those pesky random dungeon drops I end up with for no reason could have some use!

Initially, both Magical Salvaging and Talisman can be skilled to 25 with much ease on npc bought items, after this level 9-14 greens get you fragments for 25-50 Talisman and so on.  I found this chart to be of a great help to me, after taking an hour or so to work out what the hell it meant.


Note: I did not create this chart 🙂

Starting in the top right corner this chart shows what Salvaging level you need to get a Fragment and skill up on green/blue/purple/orange items. Which is great when you are looking to find a place to farm items.

Each Tier of Talisman you wish to create has a certain value, this is worked out by adding the value of the tiered fragment, curio and essence, from the left hand coloumn on left side of page and using the result to check against the coloumn of what you can expect.  Its hard to explain.

But if you use a Green Skill 100 Fragment, a green 100 curio and green 100 gold dust, your total would be 65, 18*3 and then a +1 since its dust and not essence you are using, comparing this to the chart you lie between the T5 and T6 results and would end up making a T5 Talisman of  either 9 as talismans only make the stat compared to the colour they are. (unless they crit)

At 200 aparantly certain Curios and Essence/Dusts give you extra boosts. In addition to this the chart lists some extra crit chances, 8% to get random tier up crit, 2% to bump the talisman colour up.

As for me, my Salvaging is at 60 already and Talisman making is at 35, lacking the greens so on a mass farm effort in Nordland right now!

What is others views on the crafting system? Any other crafts used instead/ I know Scavanging/Butchering rakes in a fair bit of cash in npc junk anyway. Let me know if you have any thoughts. I reckon I will no doubt end up with a Scavenger/Apothecary or a Apothecary/Cultivator on my alt again just for completions sake 🙂

Its all confusing for my head, and I am not so sure I have explained it well at all!

Oh well!