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A bit traitorous

March 10, 2009

With the new release of 1.2, and the live event I am still floundering.  I have completed the live event tasks, and unlocked the Slayer as of tomorrow and I am greatly looking forward to it.  However the WP is getting semi retired now I think.

I log in, check the AH for cheap stuff, then log out again and go to play Atlantica Online. Its a turn based MMO that takes me back to the days when I started gaming and is pretty adictive once you get the hang of it.  So yeah I guess I am being a traitor, but still.

In news in WAR, with 1.2 Talisman prices have dropped dramatically. Before 1.2 I sold a +19 str for 550g, now they are a struggle to hit 100g. Good thing for users, bad thing for my wallet. I liked having that niche market to sell into. Oh well, I will live with it.

Just after 1.2 launched, Karag-Hirn was given a transfer unexpectedly, and most chose Norn, as such Norn is now a huge population, and very well balanced. Order and Destro zergs are a daily occurance, with forts flipping all the time now.  Order even proved a strong opponent and managed to get to IC and indeed get some Warlord and Invader gear! I unfortunately missed it due to being in the pub. Im a little sad, but there was alcohol so not that sad really!

So RvR is an extreme hot zone, action in 3 zones all the time now. Its great for the community but a pain for me, as I just dont want to stand there spamming Martyrs Blessing on everyone any more. Oh well, 1 day to go then I can mellee stuff!

Slayer and Choppa got buffed in 1.2.c, unfortunately Mythic have disabled their respective subforums, so I cant link the changes, but it basically made Slayer a lot stronger, and Choppa a bit weaker, just about evening them up in the long run. Aparantly Slayers AoE line, Path of the SkavenSlayer is fairly solid and strong now as opposed to the trash it was in 1.2.a. We will see the changes announced tomorrow perhaps.

Recruit a friend is live for both sides of the pond.  GOA and Mythic offer a 10 day free trial with rewards for the referer if they subscribe. I note Mythic are giving pet rewards, but GOA havent announced any so far, nor the free game time. I wish they would, I could recruit a fair few folk again quite quickly too! Blah GOA!

WCPI post coming up later on today, need to get back into the swing of blogging, sorry for my lax attempt this week. AO and job hunting have taken over.

In a response to my earlier post about my Blog Title, I am going to go with Kutu’s Blog and remove my sub tag for now.


Patch 1.2 Arrived

March 5, 2009

Well yesterday morning, got up nice and early to start the patch then went back to bed for a few more hours while it completed.


I have to admit I am greatly in love with the changes, bar a few. The niggly bugs, stuff like crashing to desktop on a /reloadui, crashing to desktop on afking out of the game.  Though hopefully todays maintenance will solve these issues.

Last night on Norn, after partaking in my “Tentacle Pie” throwing and scouting quest for the days Live Event(I wants Slayer nao!) and doing the odd bit of crafting with no crits yet again, I heard Order were pushing Caledor for the first lock of 1.2.  I rolled on over and we farmed some destruction at their warcamp, held the keeps and BO’s long enough, and opened up Fell Landing.

We all streamed across the zone in a mad rush, Order has never taken a fort that didnt involve a glitched Fort Lord before, we were determined to show we could do it this time. We got both doors down in less than 15minutes, no real issues yet. We formed up on the stairs and made a rather excellent tank wall charge, knocked a hole and all streamed in. Unfortunately I died just at the top of the stairs, but the rest managed to wipe destruction and kill the Fortress Lord legitamately.  I did however win a blue loot bag, yay, have a shiny +20willpower, -2% chance to be crit hit and +17wounds jewellery piece.  There are loads of loot bags now, something like 40+ which is a great thing! And talisman boxes with +1 power, +5% special in them too!

Anyway, after locking Fell Landing,  and noting Black Crag was already 60 odd % under our control, we all steamed over. It took several hours, Destruction put up a great fight, kept running through PvE to Healing Boon or the South Keep, but with 4 or so Warbands we had around, we would zerg them wherever they went. Eventually we held Black Crag and were hyped up for our second fort and our first ever IC push.

We hit the fort up easy enough, no issues getting to the ramp to lords room. This was when it all went down hill…  The lag was insane, I had already switched all names etc off, already turned all visual effects off, and yet I could barely move.  We made a push for the lords room but as you turned the ramp to face destruction everyone, destro included got kicked out.  Never mind we thought, we can try again. Back in, roll up to the fort, still 45minutes on the timer and both the doors are back up. . . Then get through them, and the lag is worse than before.
To me the only reason destruction manged to hold the second fort was lucking out with the lag. Else IC would have been burning pretty colours tonight!  I had a wicked time though, best time in RvR since I cant remember when.  If the proposed server stability changes work today then I will be a  very happy bunny!



March 3, 2009

Ive held off posting for a few days due to some real life issues and time constraints.
Yesterday I got the first chance I have had in a week or so to actually sit down and play for any length of time without distraction. So off I went, logged into my Warrior Priest, then 5minutes later logged back out again. I am bored. I am bored of folk bitching for heals, complaining they die. Im bored of being a glorified heal bot.  I try to RvR but it bores me . . . I am holding out drastically for 1.2 so I can change my way of thinking, but who knows when this will launch for EU yet.

I have been tempted to try WoW again this week, I can say my boredom hasnt drawn me in yet thankfully. I find end game R40 diabolical. Yes we can lock forts and keeps, but thats it. I still have yet to find a LV group, I still run to the Crypts and Tunnels to help gear folk up but frustrated at getting nothing again.

More frustrations in the way GoA treats its EU subscribers. We know nothing of what is going on, right now Mythic is patching 1.2 in for the NA players, EU who the hell knows when we get it.  We got to do a fraction of the testing the NA players did, we never got to respond to feedback on our new “forums” which will probably die with the stress on the first day.

Point in case: GoA uploaded R28/RR26 templates to the test server to try Slayer/Choppa in T3, they never announced it. They took PTS down, never announced it.

The stark differences between GoA and Mythics service is attrocious. Yes I understand Mythic do stuff and then GoA have to try to copy it with such short notice. Really the two need to sit down and hash it all out.  But come on GoA your not all innocent, and dont pretend like you are.

Wheres our non flash website? You promised a web site revamp months ago. Our website is attrocious compared to Mythics.

Wheres our invite a friend programe? Heck Mythic give rewards to players for theirs, get on the ball!

Wheres our working – not out of date – realm war page?

Wheres our communication from you?

I feel let down as a subscriber by lack of communication, how hard is it to say “We are doing X on Y date” ?

Im just griping and moaning today. Im meant to be job hunting and thats going poorly.  But throw up some announcements on the website GoA, let us know when we will be getting things and maybe, just maybe you can start to limit the damage your silence is causing to the EU community.


WCPI Mark 2.

February 25, 2009

*Cant wait for the exciting logo folk are making so I could stick it in here*

For my second part of promotion for the WCPI I have chosen to select the following folk.

Wizards & Wenches is one of my chosen features this week for their second Caption Contest that they are currently running. Some great entries were posted for the first Caption Contest with the winner just being chosen.

Gaarawarr Gabs is a new addition to the WCPI and in this post asks the question, “Are you a tomeaholic?” A very good look at what it would take to become addicted to the tome of knowledge in game. I know I am not in that category . . . I get bored waaaay to easily, but big props for all the unlocks!

Obsessive-Focus builds on Regis of Wizard & Wenches fames post on Things to do and not do in Scenarios. I fully agree with the last point in particular. I so hate when folk cant stay on their feet so I can target them. If your going to bunny hop, go play CoD4, and dont whine to me when you didnt get heals.

Girl IRL gets a mention today for her post on Knockbacks inspired by her boyfriends rage at them. Comparative post on the skills comparing them to similar skills in “That other game”.

Thats all for today!


… … …

February 23, 2009

I thought something had gone wrong with wordpress this morning when I log in and find 500+ page views and still counting. It looks like the public actually do read what is posted on WHA. Good going guys!

Just a small post to say that lolhammer hit its 1000th page view early this morning, and looks on stride to hit its 1500th before the night is out yay to F5’s!

Slowly but surely doing some clean up today, actually getting around to updating the blogroll with some new and interesting blogs that have long resided on my RSS reader. There are many great blogs out there, if I dont have you leave me a comment and I will get on it!

Oh and to whoever managed to find my blog by searching for “FFXI skill up chart” . . . i feel your pain.



February 20, 2009

Patience is a virtue, so the chinese proverb goes. Alas patience is a virtue that I am running low on . . . I WANT MA SLAYER!!!

The US public test realms got the slayer/choppa launch last night, and I have been spamming F5 on the war eu site looking for our update to no avail, hoping it would be this morning but still nothing. Come on GOA!

So now it is morning and I stumble over to browse WHA and find their new War Community Promotion Initiative or WCPI for short. They are promoting forum members who post on their own blogs/forums/fansites in  turn promoting another WHA members blog/forum/fansite. A great way to get the community ball rolling. And very easy when you are blogging to do.

Other news today, Ariwyn over at WHA is looking for folk to write about the slayer/choppa experience on the PTS with the chance to get your posts spotlighted for the weekly spotlight they run.

Last sunday Syp posted his seven favourite in WAR, now unfortunately I was too lazy to post mine. But figured I should actually get around to it, even more encouraged by his guilt trip of not linking folk now (Just kidding chief!).

Favourite Zone – Black Crag, I love the fact its a complete maze, you can get lost so easily in the rvr and pve areas of this map.  In fact all the dwarf maps are really well done.

Favourite Race – Looks wise I have to say Dwarf, look much better, just dont like the classes much.

Favourite Career – I have to say Warrior Priest, it is all I play. I have tried out others but found their mechanic  doesnt fit my play style very well.

Favourite WAR Feature – The public quests were a great thing to start with, now few folk do them unless grinding crafting materials from chapter 22. Walking up and just joining in a quest was a great idea!

Favourite Skill – Rampaging Siphon by far, rank 2 morale for WP, hits for 600 on every enemy in range and heals entire party for 600 per person hit. Great last minute skill when your wiping to a warband of destruction.

Favourite Scenario – I see a lot of Riekland Factory here, but I never got the chance to play it, would never pop on my server at the time and so I have to say that my favourite is Mourkain Temple. Such a simpler time that was than T4.

Favourite Live Event – Night of Murder, its the only one I have actually completed. The rest I was never too fussed about.

So now I have made Syps soul feel a little bit more guilty (still kidding) what have I been up to? Well last night I ran another crypt group and managed to finally get my hands!  Now I am 5/5 Sentinel wards, and have my conquerer fists too since they have better stats than the sentinel ones in my opinion. +21 bonus healing? Yeah 2.1 to every healwoooo! More willpower please!

Don’t has created a look into how RR points is distributed in a few different combat situations over at Blame the Healer, Definately worth a read, especially if your trying to figure why you got x y or z.

Ventris at Alt Much? has posted a fun story about his fat assed sorceress. Love the role play element you managed to add and get everyone working with it when you werent even trying. Keep up the good work.

Other than that I am patiently awaiting my Slayer . . . oh gah gimme the Slayer already . . . I feel like I should be a drug addict or something with this not so patient wait.


Patch 1.2 my thoughts and views.

February 18, 2009

So far I have held off on posting about the 55 pages of patch notes instead waiting till today, too see what it actually means. Today GOA announced the EU PTS is open, and so off i trotted to Shifting Isles to check some things out.

If you dont want a few spoilers then dont read on… Read the rest of this entry ?


A weekly roundup.

February 11, 2009

I am not in the habbit of making weekly roundups per se but it has been a busy week for me doing sod all.


Done some general UI tidying up,  too many unused addons before. Moved Squared down a bit, added Phantom and State of the Realm. Going to work on my unit bars, I need more space for skills! I am still addicted to FraithUI by Fraith of WHA as my base though, just cant find anything as sleek to replace it with.

RvR is getting a major facelift this includes the following tidbits of information.

Keeps and forts are being redesigned to have 2-3 ramps. This should make things a lot more interesting for keep/fort defense, as well as weaken the popular tank wall strategy. Also, Conqueror Armor pieces will drop off guards and not just the lord in a fort.

I like the sound of this, the tank wall strategy, while working, is very boring. I like the idea of being stretched on multiple sides. Plus, on Karag-Norn, we have never flipped a fort before, order or destruction, it would be quite nice to see it happen and some loot drop (For order of course, not those smelly greenskins and co over at CIR 😛 ) Any opertunity to experience more end game, yes please!

Mythic will be expanding the ORvR influence bar. There will be more rewards as a result but it will take much longer to max out them out as well.

Yay finally a reason to keep RvRing! I must admit, i am only near getting the Elite reward from the elf campaign, and not even half way in the other two, but still. Once you cap the bar theres no more shiny things to use/salvage/npc.

Stunty Stomper has some nice HQ Wallpapers available now, very pretty and shiny. All go look! And download!

Again more WHA love from me from the ComicCon roundup. Someone asked Mythic the following.

Q: In your personal opinion, what's the most powerful class, most balanced class, and the weakest class?

A: I would say the most powerful- Warrior Priest which is better than the Disciple of Khaine.
The most balanced- we like the marauder how it is now.
The weakest- the Shadow warrior needs love.

I must admit I was slightly shocked by the answer. Mauraders seem failry well balanced, but on the other hand not so with their fetch/knockbacks. Maybe I am just jealous at my lack of CC as a Warrior priest. Shadow Warriors being the weakest? Er again unsure. Yeah they are weak, but they are devastaing too. Maybe they need toughned slightly but not much in my opinion, ever try soloing as an Archmage? I found that significantly weaker, again though perhaps that is just my playstyle.

Now the big shocker, Warrior Priest is the most overpowered? In what way? We do mediocre dps when specced for it, we do fine in group healing situations but are not great single target healers, how do they find us overpowered? We have survivability but thats just by healing through damage, which doesnt work 99% of the time in my view.

WHA and IGN have been speaking about the soon to be Official Forums over at Massively and how they both will try to focus for the times ahead.

Wizards and Wenches has posted about the upcoming Choppa and Slayer mechanics “Berserked” along with the Choppa’s matery path and skills. Nice insight into what we can expect, though Im still rolling order! I need my salvaging alt 🙂 Aparantly he is getting cake for converting, tempting I guess but what cake?

What about Kutu? Well I am still RR40, 22k to go before those Conquerer gloves get used. I now have my Sentinel Helm all I am missing is the gloves. Soon to start looking into finding a regular Lost Vale group, alas I currently cannot commit the time with real life comitments, but I hope that in the next few weeks to be able to free up a few hours a couple of times a week for it.

Plans for the future other than above is to roll my Slayer! I have fortunately been told I have to take holidays at the start of March. What a shame, it happens to be Slayer release week so WooHoo headstart!


Age of Blogging and Patch 1.1.1

February 3, 2009

The Age of Blogging event has sadly come to its end, this doesnt mean we all stop blogging though! Of course not! We keep going! And get more bloggers still! The AoB inspired me to restart lolhammer and get back into the swing of writing. While my writing is mostly random and about my character progression, I hope that some folks have found it entertaining/amusing/informative in even a slight bit while I enjoy posting here.

Dont has posted a comprehensive list of blogs that started/resurfaced during the Age of Blogging initiative, go check them out and get them added to the blogrolls!

The patch notes are up for 1.1.1 now, with the patch hitting US and Oceanic servers tomorrow.

Fortresses, the Fortress Lord’s Terror aura will now affect defending players as well as attackers.

This is a late addition to the patch notes which I quite like. I am litteraly just out of a fort siege where order, despite valiantly trying kept wiping at the Fortress Lord. The reason for this is we were unable to raise faster than destruction were.

Other key points to note arre the addition of Flight Masters, finally an easy way to reach Ostland etc! And the Night of Murder RvR event which on the EU WAR site starts on Feb 76 . . .


Point to note, does anyone have any viable Fort tactics? Should we push to the balcony and wipe destruction? Ignore the destro, kill lord? We managed to take the lord to roughly 90% before wiping dramatically each time to destruction, but that was with us not focussing on the lord.



Dear Mythic, please fix…

February 3, 2009

With so many bugs and glitches still present in the game from pre launch, I am going to list a few that I would really like to see fixed. This is not a list of the major issues, nor a list of the ones most complain about but the ones that really annoy the hell out of me.

  • Fix contribution in PQ’s and Keeps/Fortresses. A few days ago I strolled up to a keep siege at 30% of the 2nd door remaining, barely touched the door and the lord(there were 2+warbands) and came 6th in contribution. I dont think I hit a cure at all during the siege…how could I come 6th? Today with 3 warbands I cant get above 40th in contribution and I am bashing and curing all that I can while wrath specced. Do I just get less since I cant heal? How does the contribution lottery work?
  • The auction house “Bids” tab is completely redundant other than to see what you have bidded on. When your outbid the auction dissapears from this page and you cant rebid without first finding the item via search. This is a right pain in the ass as I often bid on 50+ cheap items at once and can never remember them all. I know the mailbox message tells you what the bid was returned for, but once you take the cash its a generic message thats left. I know also that the game posts to your chat log what it was for, but often I am nowhere near an auction house and forget.
  • The auction house search funtionality needs to be improved/streamlined. When chosing to search all weapons/armour for a particular career you get all the weapons/armour for the race, not the career. My Warrior Priest cannot wear chain mail. I specifically chose to search by Warrior Priest as that is what I am interested in at that time.
  • Combat Animations, many are bugged. So often after using Divine Assault my character will keep throwing his hammer around like a lunatic. After this ceases he will be bugged in a stance where he is just about to throw his hammer around like a lunatic. Really annoying to look at.
  • Dungeon drops, ok so this one isnt a bug per se. Its more of a gripe that BoP gear for classes not present drops and is inevitably wasted. Now that I have levelled Salvaging this wont be such a problem for me, who doesnt like free talismans I guess, but still anoying none the less.
  • Class balance. Theres alot that could be said, the gripes of overpowered this, underpowered that. I think that Mythic need to go back to the drawing board and look at the classes as a whole, make each side equally balanced. Disciples get skills that are overpowered compared to WP’s, and we get some vice versa. Im not asking for a complete mirror of the classes, just more balance between the semi-mirrors that exist.
  • Knockback/disable/root/silence. Currently a favoured tactic among destruction on Karak-Norn is to have a magus pull you, some chosen knock you down/disable you while dps spam you to the ground in between rooting you.  This is plausible in the game mechanics, but is annoying as hell when it is all you come across. I think this needs to be changed so that if you are hit by any Knockback/Disable/Root/Silence skill then once it breaks you cannot be affected by any others until the “Unbreakable/Unmoveable” cooldown has gone.]
  • Monster Pathing, especially in Sigmars Crypts the bats and tome robbers just fly through the wall while untargetable and wipe groups needlessly. Fix the pathing.

There are more, but for now this will do!