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Patch 1.2 Arrived

March 5, 2009

Well yesterday morning, got up nice and early to start the patch then went back to bed for a few more hours while it completed.


I have to admit I am greatly in love with the changes, bar a few. The niggly bugs, stuff like crashing to desktop on a /reloadui, crashing to desktop on afking out of the game.  Though hopefully todays maintenance will solve these issues.

Last night on Norn, after partaking in my “Tentacle Pie” throwing and scouting quest for the days Live Event(I wants Slayer nao!) and doing the odd bit of crafting with no crits yet again, I heard Order were pushing Caledor for the first lock of 1.2.  I rolled on over and we farmed some destruction at their warcamp, held the keeps and BO’s long enough, and opened up Fell Landing.

We all streamed across the zone in a mad rush, Order has never taken a fort that didnt involve a glitched Fort Lord before, we were determined to show we could do it this time. We got both doors down in less than 15minutes, no real issues yet. We formed up on the stairs and made a rather excellent tank wall charge, knocked a hole and all streamed in. Unfortunately I died just at the top of the stairs, but the rest managed to wipe destruction and kill the Fortress Lord legitamately.  I did however win a blue loot bag, yay, have a shiny +20willpower, -2% chance to be crit hit and +17wounds jewellery piece.  There are loads of loot bags now, something like 40+ which is a great thing! And talisman boxes with +1 power, +5% special in them too!

Anyway, after locking Fell Landing,  and noting Black Crag was already 60 odd % under our control, we all steamed over. It took several hours, Destruction put up a great fight, kept running through PvE to Healing Boon or the South Keep, but with 4 or so Warbands we had around, we would zerg them wherever they went. Eventually we held Black Crag and were hyped up for our second fort and our first ever IC push.

We hit the fort up easy enough, no issues getting to the ramp to lords room. This was when it all went down hill…  The lag was insane, I had already switched all names etc off, already turned all visual effects off, and yet I could barely move.  We made a push for the lords room but as you turned the ramp to face destruction everyone, destro included got kicked out.  Never mind we thought, we can try again. Back in, roll up to the fort, still 45minutes on the timer and both the doors are back up. . . Then get through them, and the lag is worse than before.
To me the only reason destruction manged to hold the second fort was lucking out with the lag. Else IC would have been burning pretty colours tonight!  I had a wicked time though, best time in RvR since I cant remember when.  If the proposed server stability changes work today then I will be a  very happy bunny!


Zone Control and Slayer tidbits

January 29, 2009

Last update for now, phew.

The EU herald has a mini background into the Slayer for all who are interested. I am particularly interested in this small quote from it.

The twin axes of the Dwarf bit deep into the troll hide and now, the men could see the glow of rune power that surrounded the blades.

Could that be a hint as to what the class mechanic will be? Who knows. Wait and see I guess.

And zone control, as many have mentioned before, there is changes to the way zone control works in patch 1.1.1, this post on WHA tells of some of the upcoming things.

Basically, your side has to hold all six of their blocks in order to flip the zone." This is supplemental to other ways of flipping a zone.

So grab an objective, hold it for 30minutes, grab a keep hold it for 2 hours, do the same for all the zone and bobs your uncle you lock it down. This should help end the countless grinds for getting nowhere in Tier 4! Anticpation level rises somewhat!