What to do when the PTS hates you.

February 24, 2009


With all the recent hype over the Slayer and Choppa on the test server I must admit I am very dissapointed, not with the classes. But with the test server itself.

After waiting patiently in line to try the new classes, and creating my R18 template and realising I have no real clue how the heck the class would play at R18 I figured that to give myself a fighting chance I would load over my UI I use on the live servers, at least then I would be able to figure button placement for skills, hide all the nasty garish elements I dont want etc.

So off I go, do the usual, copy the addons folder, usersettings and maco.xml files from /War/user to /War/User_test and hey presto all works nicely. I afkd out though as I took a phone call, on trying to relog Vista decided that War was creating a fatal error and bounced me out. Try again, it happened again, and again, and again . . .

I deleted my War/Interface folder and try again, low and behold I can get in. . .  so I now know it is an addon that is causing the issue, but which one? At last count my interface folder has over 100 addons, and I really dont have the will to test them all out individually.

Playing without the addons, just created a really bare, impossible to use UI for me. On trying to reset to the default UI I had to remove the interface folder else WAR would atuo load every addon present in it . . .

Oh well! What the hell do you do when you are bored of spamming out heals on your warrior priest? You have no real interest in rolling a new order class, since you REALLY want to play Slayer?

Answer, retake up your old Destruction Characters, for now I am running around as the Chosen Nevare or the Sorceress Lazerz on Karak-Azgal. Look me up if you can find me… I still get bored incredibly fast and really wanna try Slayer, so will no doubt end up trying to fix the darn PTS for me.

I throw an edit in here, as the PTS randomly has decided it likes me again, without me doing darn all. So a few superscreenies of my Slayer.

kutu_078Bring it on Choppa’s!


Haieyeyeyeyey—-IAO! Death from Above


Shiny 2 handed weapon.

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